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Imagine if you could tap into high paying keywords but NOT spend your time trying to find out which ones . . .


We Deliver 20 Keywords Lists To Enhance YOUR Earnings


If you had a list of keywords for your favorite niche would you want to know if one was worth 5 times the others?


Quality results of Keyword research are usually only available through high priced services, you could be one of the first to take advantage of our new cost effective Keywords resource.


From the desktop of JayKay Bak
CEO & Founder -

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Dear Smart Marketer

We see many stories online, huge product launches, ongoing income streams, large payments to the little guys who have worked out the formula. Many times we are not convinced that this is all for real. The fact is, lots of those stories are true

and happening all the time.


But finding the path to the river of wealth, well... That's a little harder to find.


The people who are having massive success are not always keen to share that

with you. Not always because they don't want to, some don't want to increase the competition in their niche markets and some are just so busy doing their work that they keep to themselves.


You have heard the gurus tell you over and over. Find out what people want and then provide a service that they simply must have!


Sounds simple and for some it can be, while others are fishing in the muddy water not even knowing if there is anything to catch. One thing that ALL successful marketers use is good detective work.


They know how to be a good detective, uncover the secret that their customers are looking for before they find it elsewhere. Knowing EXACTLY what their prospects are searching for.


Exactly what they WANT to buy, Right Now.  These detective skills come in the form of powerful and targeted Keywords.


The Super Sleuth...


And I'm not just talking about any old Keywords either. I'm referring to the keywords that only a Super Sleuth can find.


The quality tidbits, targeted lists of proven keywords that are collected from real searches...what real people are searching for Right Now...


Once it was a hard slog gathering this information.  A tedious process of manually gathering information from a variety of search engines.


All done using detective work on your competitors, testing different keywords, and combinations of keywords... which is a great expense in dollars and wasted time...


Or using one or more of the costly services like WordTracker, and then still needing to work through the  results, testing, tracking, review and repeat, all just to start over again.


What if there was a way to cut through all that nonsense?  What if top quality keyword lists for your niche project or AdSense site were available like clockwork from a trusted source?


Fully researched, sorted, indexed, all wrapped up, and ready to exploit for profit?  Just plug the results into your site and see the traffic streaming in...


Lets not mess around, if there was a way to get quality detective work done automatically wouldn't you want to know about it?


Introducing Your


You have arrived at this brand new site at just the right time. Right now you can get access to this new unselfish membership site with 20 niche keywords sets of quality fresh keyword data.
Imagine you know the hottest keywords in a specific market...with this information you can put up the websites that people are looking for, meaning more traffic and more sales.
All you need to do is download your monthly keywords sets and check the niches you are targeting or even BETTER. . .get new ideas what to target next :-)


Webmasters spend hours researching and tracking keyword and search engine results so they are better able to capture the interest of their visitors and entice the search engines to send more traffic.
There are some niche keyword sites providing access to keyword data, however, they are relatively expensive because they know how valuable this information is

in the right hands.
No one I know of is prepared to hand over Pure Gold for a measly $12...Until now that is -- gives you the chance to shake hands with the big guns and


Possess Exactly The Information That "They" Have:

Hot Keyword data with targeted searches - relevant keyword data in 20 different niches each month.

Knowledge on the Competition in your Niche - data about the number of Google ads currently listed for each keyword.

The price range of each term both for general and specific values - data about the cost per click or potential income.



Knowing the right keywords to target on my websites can make more than five times the conversion rate for the simple reason that you have more targeted visitors to your offer. Five times higher conversion translates into cash in my pocket. I can't imagine operating without these keywords. Thank you.





You get unrestricted user rights to 20 sets of keyword research.

Use these keywords to skyrocket your websites in the search engines as you now know what people want to see.

Build Niche Sites TARGETED around keywords you already know are paying better than 10 cents per click

Use these keywords to target Niches with little or no competition



Save countless hours as you can immediately build content pages around "the right keywords". Two related keywords in the same niche can have a very different value, for example:



business analyst resume

business analyst jobs



One of these is twice the value of the other, but which one?

One has far less competition, but which one?



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Building web content without knowing the right keywords leads to testing pages and pages to decide what works.
If you know the keywords to target you are on a surefire path to success rather

than building lots of content that nobody is looking for.


With Unselfish Keywords you get 20 Fully researched niche markets with 100 top terms from the big three Google, Yahoo and MSN and you'll know instantly:


Which keyword has the most searches?

What keyword has the lowest competition?

What is the Pay Per Click price range for each keyword?

How many other PPC ads are there targeting the keyword?


Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, being the Unselfish Marketer I still want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!


INSTEAD of Deadbeat Bonuses you'll never use

anyway or have already I've decided to slash the

$19.97 membership fee down to the barebones

where everyone can participate. . .


You can grab this membership for an amazingly low monthly fee of just

Your Membership Is 100% Guaranteed

To Make You Money & Get You Noticed

Or I'll Open My Wallet And Buy It Back!

You heard it right. I will buy back your membership if my Niche Keywords Sets don't make you income & help you gain recognition.

I will also let you keep ALL Your 20 Keywords Sets as a present just for trying us out. This way I'm absolutely sure that you have every reason to act now & zero reason to delay so I'm taking the risk for you.

Just take your newfound Unselfish Keywords for a spin and I'm sure you'll agree it's the best investment you've ever made online. I wouldn't put my own profits at risk if I thought for one second you wouldn't be an absolutely happy unselfish keywords member!


Introductory price ends soon!


This is NOT a lame attempt to get you

scared and push you to order Today!

The Unselfish Marketer is KNOWN

for raising membership fees

Only 200 paying members will be allowed before

I'll raise the way too low $12 membership fee


Look at it this way --- $12.00 is really NOTHING to get your hands on 20 Niche Keywords Sets of Quality Fresh Keyword Data and start using it right away to TARGET HUNGRY MARKETS instead of blindly fumbling about!


You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In
Unselfish Keywords


It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.


(even if it’s 2:17 am in the morning).


Yes JayKay, I Just Have To Have These 20 Niche Keywords Sets! Count Me In Right Now!

Monthly Investment Of Only: $19.97

It's YOUR Time To Succeed!


Grab this super unselfish low cost membership

and start improving the quality of your niche sites.

I also understand that there are no contracts and I can cancel my membership any time. Although, why you would want to is beyond me, given that I'm handing you the keys to the traffic sucking keywords YOU need to pull in more visitors.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try Unselfish Keywords today?


Seeking YOUR Success,


JayKay Bak

JayKay Bak


P.S.  - If you're looking for worthless bonuses then please find a competitor...But beware because I betcha they'll ask more than $12 for their Niche Keywords Sets

and isn't it Keywords you really need to grow your business..?



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